Tuesday, December 12, 2017

CGR - Initiatives


Many rulers, freedom fighters and lovers of nature have dedicated their lives for the service of mankind and in turn nature.
With the inspiration of great emperor Ashoka, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, many noble souls and champions for the earth, I felt the need of serving Mother Nature with more dedication and enthusiasm.
Earth, our beautiful home, is the only known planet, in the universe with all bounty of life sustaining systems. Our ancestors revered nature and mother earth, lived prudent and in a symbiotic relationship with background ecosystems. We, the modern man, distanced from the soul of mother earth, trying to control and command her with profligate intentions, weighing nature only with instrumental value ignoring the intrinsic value. We are living in a time of ecological devastation, in which our materialistic culture has had a catastrophic effect on the ecosystems. We have pillaged and polluted the earth. Techno-economic complexities, entropic and myopic exploitation pushes the legacy of living planet to a brink. The earth needs our concern, it needs us to acknowledge its sacred nature; that is not just something to use and dispose. The earth in balance only assures our quality of life, overall wellbeing and ensures a safer, peaceful and livable home for progeny. We have to become a greener society thriving in green economy, ever safeguarding natural capital on earth.
            Witnessing the rapid erosion of greenery, degradation ecosystems in our native villages in semi-arid South India, we strongly felt the need of a massive green movement to sustain green legacy of our planet. It’s the prime factor in the genesis of Council for Green Revolution, a purposeful green think tank and catalyst for change. The environmental revolution requires all kinds of innovation, intervention, energies and enthusiasm. Local to global concerns like desertification, pollution, climate change, loss of biodiversity, development issues determined our action plans while global frameworks like SDGs and UN conventions guides our work time to time. 
            From the beginning, CGR has been encouraged and supported by environmentalists, academicians, intellectuals, scientists, researchers, organizations, entrepreneurs and many other concerned people. None of our work would be possible without their unflagging support to whom we are always grateful.
Started its environmental mission with planting trees, CGR has become instrumental in planting 3 million saplings in 14 districts of AP and Telangana. Other major initiates are on conservation of easternghats, environmental awareness, green village, policy work, publications. It has also been the time for the emergence and orientation for a major traverse ahead.